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Known for his role in the recent family, he was beloved by so many and he will missed by all.

We share our deepest condolences with his mother, father and family," Paramount said in a statement. I just woke up and saw it online and thought it was a hoax, you know, like some of these things are.

, in which he and Felicity Jones play a young couple struggling to maintain a long-distance relationship, we sat down for an extensive conversation.

Yelchin spoke about his life and career up to that point — from the way he got into the business as a kid, to the actors who most influenced him, to the intense collaboration he shared with Doremus, Jones and Jennifer Lawrence. And if you did, were there any films or actors that were particular favorites or influences on you?

Well, as a kid when I went to the movies themselves like, at the theaters, Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably the biggest influence on me because Arnold put out so many awesome '90s cheesy action flicks, like specifically came out I think a couple of years after that and I remember seeing it.

Both Poots and Yelchin starred in two movies together – Currently, there are no reports of an official dating relationship and there have also been rumors that Yelchin was gay.They tried to get me to figure skate and I was terrible. And my mom was particularly supportive because she said, “Great.If you’re going to do this, if you’re going to go every week and study the lines they give you, then it’s something that I’ll take you to every week.” And she took me, and then the acting coach suggested I go on auditions.But prior to that, it was just, like, '90s, the awesome '90s experience. I went to an acting class when I was like 9 — yeah, about 9 maybe, maybe 8 or something, because I was very shy and a friend of ours suggested my parents take me to an acting class because he saw that I was really shy, but really animated by myself. And they took me to this class just to take up my time.You mentioned at around 9 you started acting yourself? And my parents are athletes, so they really didn’t know anything about that world, but they were of the opinion that they wanted me to be doing something. And I loved it, and I specifically expressed that to them, that I loved it.

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That same day, Dennings posted another photo of him and wrote about how she’ll “think about this kid every day for the rest of my life.”Charlie Bartlett and only grew stronger as they did promotion for the film together.

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