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Library H3lp is a trusted and modern software platform reflecting years of hands-on customer service experience and feedback from clients.Every aspect of the system is designed for efficiency, flexibility, expansion, and innovation.Well, from its name, in this course we will be working with social media platforms in order to know how to make the best use of these platforms as professional journalists.So, for the final project, we were asked to “organize” a social media campaign for the “Chat City” talk-show (broadcast journalism students talk-show).As its name suggests, it is a website that puts chat before their other features and as such, it does a fantastic job.

Our online chat requests are responded to in a priority sequence.

That being said, the welcome picture is a nice one, giving you a clear indication of what you can expect inside –a smiling couple which obviously cares for one another.

Before you enter the website, you are asked a few questions that will determine your future experience on the website, depending on your gender, your age, what you are looking for and your location. Once you are inside, the simplicity of the design starts to pay off in terms of functionality.

The social media campaign required some scheduling beforehand in order to know and organize what to post and when to post in order to get the maximum impact: before, during, and after the show.

So, my campaign tried to achieve as much freshness, happiness, full of life, and buzz concerning the talk-show.