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"One of the most important lessons that he taught me was that one must move not with fashion, but with the trends of society and ideas," said sculptor Robert Granai about Raymond Guerlain with whom he came to work.

"Our competitors, who often produce magnificent perfumes, tend to go with fashion, and so their products are often short-lived, because fashion is fleeting.

Built in 1642 by the Mughal emperor Shãh Jahãn, he used to walk in the garden hand-in-hand with the favourite member of his harem, Mumtaz Mahal.

The garden included marble palaces and mosques decorated with mosaics and gilt, large ornamental ponds and fountains, waterfalls, and a variety of rare trees and flowers imported from all over the world.

The parfum is strange, since it wears very close to the skin on me. Perhaps I missed the diffusion and overall brightness of the Ed C, but the parfum was a little disappointing to me actually.

Unlike Mitsouko and Vol de Nuit parfum, which I love!

Shalimar's bottle is an example of Raymond Guerlain's approach.

It symbolizes not only a fruit bowl of luscious delights, but also the richness of the colonies, because the 1920s were the colonial years." Guerlain's bee bottle was inaugurated in 1853 when Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain won the title as the French empress' official perfumer.

I know it's stupid, but i've never smelled shalimar."Jacques thought of Shalimar as the very perfume Shãh Jahãn would have ordered to be created for his beloved wife." It wasn't until 2013, however, that Guerlain used the story as the basis for a Shalimar ad, a large-scale film shot in Northern India.The Shalimar Gardens were eventually declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Shalimar the perfume has proved equally worthy of preservation.I'm in love with Musc Ravageur and everything about shalimar sounds like it's a perfect fit for me, despite it's marketed as a female fragrance. I've read these usually go for 170USD so I think I have gotten a fair deal.Wow, you've never smelled Shalimar, so you blind bought vintage parfum? I blind bought new Eau de Cologne, and this was the first Shalimar I ever smelled.

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"At a time when most perfumers did not think of bottles as anything but a simple container, my ancestors quickly understood the subtle relationship that linked the bottle and its precious contents," Jean-Paul Guerlain wrote in the foreword to the colossal reference book, "Guerlain Bottles Since 1828".

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