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These notes were initially used only by the very wealthy, but eventually they were circulated by the Song Dynasty when there was a shortage of copper coins. These notes did not replace copper coins- they were organized by region (rather than having a national currency) and were more like credit notes with a time limit.

Weird people who don’t like lots of soy sauce and yummy carbs like rice and rice noodles? Original banknotes were essentially bank slips with the amount of total money available to the merchant written on them, like our deposit receipts.

(Hunter 1943,4) Before the 3rd century AD, the first paper was made of disintegrating cloth- bark of trees and vegetation such as mulberry, hemp, china grass (Hunter 1943,56)Paper was used in China from AD 868, for engraving religious pictures and reached its height of in 1634 with the wooden block prints made popular by Sung Ying-hsing.

All-new episodes of Naked and Afraid continue to take the term survival of the fittest to the very next level, as new pairs of complete strangers, one man and one woman, find themselves stranded in - and quite literally exposed - to one of the world's most extreme weather environments.In the early 13th century Germans immigrated here in large numbers.They formed colonies and increased the population of existing small towns across the Czech lands.Will the nude castaways have the brains and brawn to endure the harsh conditions?Or will the challenges prove to be too overbearing?

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His son, Charles IV, lead his people into the 'Golden Age' of their history.

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