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Playstation 3 always updating

In this guide we will teach you how to install custom firmware (v3.55) on your Sony Play Station 3 console.

By installing custom firmware, you can then install homebrew, Linux and enable a number of other features.

For quite a long while now, every time I try to update my PS3 in order to get on PSN and get some DLC, the update always, ALWAYS fails at or around 62% and gives me the error code 8002F1F0.

And I can't just forget the update and just play my games, as soon as I turn my PS3 back on, it automatically tries the update again, and won't let me cancel or do anything else.

These are some basic things that you have to do when your console isn't functioning properly; however, I highly recommend you to call the customer support of Sony if the mentioned methods should fail you.1. Hold The power button down; the system will turn on and turn off by itself.3.

Once the System has been shutdown, hold the power button again until you hear 2 consecutive beeps.4.

Disclaimer: After Dawn does not take responsibility if you do brick your console or void the warranty. This guide is PURELY educational and After Dawn does not condone piracy in any aspect, period.

I've never sent my system in to Sony for repairs, so I know that that's not necessary. But I'd like to focus on an immediate solution for now.. You could try accessing your PS3's factory mode and then choose to rebuild its database, followed with restoring the system settings (if the former shouldn't work out).

This package contains the files needed for installing the 3.55 Firmware for Sony Play Station 4 systems.

If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix problems, add new functions, or expand existing ones.

In this guide we will use kmeaw CFW, which has little to no reports of bricks.

The same how to works for other custom firmware as well, like Geohots, as he was the first to release such a firmware.

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